Greetings from the president

ASAHI INOVEX Corp. has expanded planning, manufacturing and sales in the field of civil engineering steel, constructing steel and residential equipments(heating panels) , ever since the foundation of our company in 1952.

Our company has repeatedly faced difficulties through the upheaval of the Japanese economy, nevertheless we don’t stop developing until today.
First, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of our employees, customers and those who cooperate with us have grown up this company.

Our main business is based on metalworking. We consider ourselves as a company which provides not only manufactured “materials” but “affairs” brought by the excellent functions and comfortable situation of our products.

Our products are the tools which support the customers’ “safety”,“comfortness”and “pleasantness. We hope that the customers don’t pay attention to them so much, while our products blend into their lives naturally. We must make an effort to build up such an ideal relationship between the customers and our products. Yes, it is our goal and mission.

The “INOVEX”, a part of our company’s name is exactly our manifest to continue the ceaseless innovation and make a contribution to the society as a whole by means of the “excellent”manufacturing and the company management.
Based on this manifest, our employees face to the world directly and seek for the better way honestly to provide the best “affairs”through the manufacturing. I’m very proud of their attitude and they are exactly the best treasure, the largest power and the best resource of our company.

With deep gratitude to the society that grown us up into what it is today, we will keep challenging to solve many problems all over the world. With our main advantage of metalworking, we adopt the leading-edge technology and follow the precious tradition flexibly.

To conclude, our company will help many people each other to realize a bright and affluent society. I will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement to us and I’d like to say a warm thank you to you again.

CEO Hoshino Mikihiro