Architecture and Steel Division


With the latest equipment and high technological strength, we provide strong steel structures meeting social needs to stand against disasters such as major earthquakes.

Our outstanding technology has been highly acclaimed such as office buildings, hospitals, hotels, public facilities, sports facilities and seismic reinforcements in a wide area from Hokkaido to Kanto.
In order to meet customer satisfaction, we will continue to educate our employees and pursue the further development.

Installation:Steel work

  • Sapporo Dome
  • Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Oval/Skating rink
  • 新千歳空港ターミナルビル 連絡施設
  • JR新函館北斗駅
  • 北見信用金庫
  • 伊藤110ビル
  • 北洋大通センター 大通ビッセ
  • 札幌北ビル
  • 明治安田生命札幌大通ビル
  • 禎心会病院
  • 学校法人東邦大学 習志野キャンパス体育館
  • 北海道神宮 控殿