Corporate Philosophy

Solidarity and Innovation

ASAHI INOVEX Corp. has gradually grown while overcoming numerous difficulties since established in 1952. This has been possible because of our dedication to manufacturing of machine and metal products,and of innovation in manegement and technology.Our mission was always to provide convenience and comfortable life for local residents. The business environment surrounding us is changing at a great speed,and we are now facing intense competition that goes beyond national borders and business fields. To maintain our stable management,we will move forward with constant innovation in management and human resource development while responding to the changes in society.We will also make every effort to further develop our strength and keep challenging in (1) infrastructure improvement and the manufacturing and sales of steel structures and(2)the manufacturing and sales of heating and cooling equipment.

Corporate mottos

  1. 1.Long-term stability
  2. 2.Human resource development
  3. 3.Harmony with society