Privacy Policy

Asahi Innovex recognizes the importance of personal information and the social responsibility for protection, and we will strive for the proper handling of personal information with the following policy.

1.Identification of Purpose of Using Personal Information
Asahi Inovex will clarify the purpose of use when acquiring personal information, and use personal information only in the extent necessary to achieve the purpose. We will also take necessary measures to prevent non-purpose use, and handle them appropriately.
2.Handling of Personal Information
Asahi Inovex will never change the purpose of use or provide your personal information to any third party without your consent.
3.Entrustment of Personal Information
Asahi Inovex will take appropriate measures, such as determining the management responsibility of the subcontractor by a contract, when Entrusting the processing of personal to the outside.
4. Security of Personal Information
Asahi Inovex will take measures to prevent accidents such as unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage.
5.Correction of Personal Information, etc.
Asahi Inovex will process the correction, change or deletion of personal information when requested from the person himself / herself.
6. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
At Asahi Inovex, we comply with laws concerning protection of personal information, guidelines established by the government and other norms.
7.Inquiries Concerning Personal Information
For inquiries about the handling of personal information at Asahi Innovex, please contact the following contact address;

Asahi Inovex planning office : 011-883-8400